These labels are for use at point of sale for advertising purposes.

Size A3/A4/A5
Sheets printed on a soft material suitable for any laser printer. Once printed, the labels are placed in display frames which keep the posters perfectly upright

Banners are printable on desktop laser printers such as "OKI". Banners give you the opportunity to communicate messages for sales campaigns, special occasions, etc.

Packing : 100 sheets (beside for banners)

White film for signage and posters

Size A3

Réf. TF120-A3 120µ
Réf. TF190-A3 190µ

White film for signage and posters
Size A4

Réf. TF120-A4 en 120µ
Réf. TF190-A4 en 190µ

White film for signage and posters
Size A5

A4 die-cut 2 x A5 per sheet
Réf. TF120-2A5 en 120µ
Réf. TF190-2A5 en 190µ

Couloured opaque film 120µ Size A3 / A4 / A5

Réf. TFc120-(A3/A4/A5) B (dark blue)
Réf. TFc120-(A3/A4/A5) R (red)
Réf. TFc120-(A3/A4/A5) O (bright orange)
Réf. TFc120-(A3/A4/A5) Y (bright yellow)
Réf. TFc120-(A3/A4/A5) G (dark green)
Réf. TFc120-(A3/A4/A5) PG (pastel green)
Réf. TFc120-(A3/A4/A5) PB (pastel blue)
Réf. TFc120-(A3/A4/A5) PL (pastel lilac)
Réf. TFc120-(A3/A4/A5) PP (pastel pink)
Coulours can differ from this image

Banner 120µ 220x900mm    Réf. BAND220x900-120
Banner 120µ 310x900mm    Réf. BAND310x900-120
Banner 190µ 220x900mm    Réf. BAND220x900-190
Banner 190µ 310x900mm Réf. BAND310x900-190

Banner 120µ 220x1200mm    Réf. BAND220x1200-120
Banner 120µ 310x1200mm    Réf. BAND310x1200-120
Banner 190µ 220x1200mm    Réf. BAND220x1200-190
Banner 190µ 310x1200mm Réf. BAND310x1200-190

Film 120µ white and 9 colours
Film 190µ white